Indrakarona Ketaren

President and co-Founder of the Indonesian Gastronomy Association (IGA)

Indrakarona Ketaren is President and co-Founder of the Indonesian Gastronomy Association (IGA), a non-profit organization involving enthusiasts, connoisseurs and art observers of Indonesian cuisine with the objective to preserve and nurture Indonesian local traditional food, as well as to develop and promote Indonesian gastronomy in the international scene. With a special focus on the knowledge, arts, cultures, and history of traditional dishes, as well as their innovations, IGA works under the motto “food has its tale” (cibus habet fabula), analysing the philosophy, thought, history and behaviours around food, which become symbols, rituals, customs and wisdom of the local communities and ultimately form their identity. Both at national and international level, IGA encourages and supports initiatives aimed to promote Indonesian traditional culinary heritage as an important part of the tourism industry and to boost the image of Indonesian culture.

Former journalist at Tempo magazine and former diplomat for the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, until 2014 and before engaging fully with gastronomy, Indrakarona Ketaren worked in trade financing. He published a book entitled “Gastronomi Upaboga Indonesia” (Indonesian Gastronomy), as a practical guidance for members of the Indonesian Gastronomy Association (IGA) and the general public to get a clear picture of what the term gastronomy entails, currently not very popular among the laity in Indonesia. He also runs a personal blog to promote the world of Indonesian gastronomy.

Indrakarona Ketaren graduated in International Relations at the Faculty of Social and Political Affairs, at Padjadjaran University Bandung, Indonesia.

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