Indrakarona Ketaren

Indrakarona Ketaren

President and co-Founder – Adi Gastronom Indonesia (AGASI)

Indrakarona Ketaren is President and co-Founder of Adi Gastronom Indonesia (AGASI), a non-profit organisation involving enthusiasts, connoisseurs and art observers of Indonesian cuisine with the objective to preserve and nurture Indonesian local traditional food, as well as to develop and promote Indonesian gastronomy in the international scene. AGASI strive for the food interests of the Indonesian Archipelago and world gastronomic arts, while working with relevant stakeholders and authorities. AGASI also relies on a worldwide network of gastronomic experts and works in partnership with relevant State Ministries and Government Agencies. With a special focus on the knowledge, arts, cultures, and history of traditional dishes, as well as their innovations, AGASI encourages and supports initiatives aimed to promote Indonesian traditional culinary heritage as an important part of the tourism industry and to boost the image of Indonesian culture.

Indrakarona Ketaren graduated in International Relations at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, at Padjadjaran University Bandung. Following a brief experience as a journalist at Tempo magazine, in 1982 he became a diplomat for the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a placement in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia until 1989. From 1990 to 2014 he worked for different private companies.

He then engaged with gastronomy and founded the Academy Gastronomy Indonesia (AGI) and the former Indonesian Gastronomy Association (IGA), now called Adi Gastronom Indonesia (AGASI). Had was President of IGA for the period 2016-2019 and, since 2020 he is President of AGASI. Before founding AGI, IGA and AGASI, in 2011, he was the founder of the Indonesian Gastronomy Club (KGI) community to learn about the art of traditional Indonesian heritage cuisine.

Indrakarona Ketaren is recognised as one of the world’s experts for Indonesian Gastronomy and is a member of different international organisations such as the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism (IGCAT) in Barcelona, Spain; the International Center of Wine & Gastronomy (ICWAG) in Moscow, Russian Federation; and the Expert Council under the Committee on Gastronomic Tourism (CGT) of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RST).

He authored several books, including:

  • Ebook Gastronomi Upaboga Indonesia
  • Ebook GastroAsesora
  • Ebook Issues Regarding ASEAN Gastronomy Identity
  • Ebook Gastronomi Indonesia & Minyak Makan Sawit
  • Ebook Kerangka Acuan Road Map Makanan Indonesia
  • Ebook Panduan Bersih, Sehat & Aman Makan Di Luar
  • Ebook Spektrum Politik Gastronomi Indonesia
  • Ebook Lecturing Series Gastronomi
  • Ebook Panduan Sosialisasi Gastronomi

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