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The Top Websites for Foodie Travelers Award is a recognition given by IGCAT for the best websites providing unique creative, cultural and gastronomical experiences in the World and European Regions of Gastronomy. By means of this project, IGCAT hopes to encourage creative, artistic and sensory experimentation to build new and unique food experiences.

By publishing an annual list of Top Websites for Foodie Travelers from the candidate and awarded World and European Regions of Gastronomy, IGCAT will:

  • Increase international visitors access to quality food and cultural experiences;
  • Give international visibility to niche food and culture experiences;
  • Reward portals and apps that support micro-businesses and contribute to sustainable territorial development.

The websites submitted will be evaluated by an international jury of experts from IGCAT and the Top Websites for Foodie Travelers will be promoted on IGCAT’s website and social media.

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