IGCAT Meetings Archive

IGCAT aims to increase the international flow of ideas, skills and knowledge within gastronomy, culture,arts and creative tourism by organising expert meetings

The Annual IGCAT Experts Meeting brings together its members to explore particular concerns, as well as share knowledge and experiences in the fields related to tourism, gastronomy, culture and arts. Usually, it is celebrated together with the IGCAT’s General Assembly. Past IGCAT meetings include:

9th Annual IGCAT Experts' Meeting_Report Cover

9th Annual IGCAT Experts Meeting 

Educating for our Future and Engaging Young Minds

20 October 2022

2021_8th Annual IGCAT Experts Meeting_Report Cover

8th Annual IGCAT Experts Meeting 

Spring into Recovery | Webinar

18-19 May 2021


7th Annual IGCAT Experts' Meeting_Reader Cover

7th Annual IGCAT Experts Meeting

Food, Well-being and Wellness Tourism

10-11 September 2020


6th Annual IGCAT Experts Meeting_Reader Cover

6th Annual IGCAT Experts Meeting

1st World Regions of Gastronomy Meeting

25-26 March 2019


5th Annual IGCAT Experts Meeting_Reader Cover

5th Annual IGCAT Experts Meeting

Catering for a New Generation of Travellers

Braga, 23 May 2018
Viana do Castelo, 24 May 2018

2017 AGM Reader Cover

Smart and Sustainable Destinations: trends, challenges and opportunities.

Barcelona, 25 April 2017
Sant Pol de Mar, 26 April 2017


2016 AGM Reader Cover

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Tossa de Mar, 1 June 2016

New Interdisciplinary Training Models
Sant Pol de Mar, 31 May 2016


2015 Art of Food Cover

Culture and Food Diversity
Barcelona, 1 July 2015

Barcelona, 2 July 2015




2014 Art of Food Cover

Creativity: the role of art and food in sustainable tourism.
Barcelona, 18 Nov 2014

Culture and Food Diversity.
Sant Pol de Mar, 19 Nov 2014

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