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Region of Gastronomy Award


The Region of Gastronomy Award aims to contribute to a better quality of life by raising awareness about the importance of cultural and food uniqueness, stimulating creativity and gastronomic innovation, educating for better nutrition, improving sustainable tourism standards, highlighting distinctive food cultures, and strengthening community well-being.


IGCAT experts developed the Region of Gastronomy Award to recognise the growing convergence of food, culture and tourism sectors and the exciting developments happening at a local level that could support regional development. The idea for the award was then developed by IGCAT over a number of years together with 9 European regions to identify focus areas that could respond to the needs of regions.


The Region of Gastronomy Platform provides cross-marketing opportunities and longer-term benefits.


In designing the award to stimulate gastronomic innovation and sustainable tourism, the regions identified the need to ensure longer-term benefits and thus the Region of Gastronomy Platform was created to underpin and support exchange of knowledge among the regions taking part.


Being part of the Region of Gastronomy Platform and bidding for the award brings a range of stakeholders together to confront development challenges in the region.


IGCAT introduced to the Region of Gastronomy Award the concept of an interdisciplinary approach (gastronomy, culture, arts and tourism – and increasingly agriculture, education and health). In order to join the Platform and apply for the Award, regions must adapt to IGCAT service-learning model (making a regional stakeholder group of public, private, third sector and knowledge institutions) and through regular meeting identify the region’s challenges and propose actions to support capacity-building at a local level. This approach has been enormously successful already.

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