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World Food Gifts 2022

IGCAT’s World Food Gift Challenge 2022 took place in Menorca, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2022, on 7 April 2022.

The top 10 food and food-related gifts from the World and European Regions of Gastronomy for 2022 were selected by an international jury of experts as best practises for their ability to combine sustainability, storytellinguniquenessinnovation on tradition and connection with the region.

– 1st Prize –


The jury was impressed by the price / quality ratio of this gift that celebrates the gastronomic heritage of Coimbra Region by including in a single box some of its most representative food and craft products. The gift is an excellent combination of traditional gifts accompanied by a remarkable storytelling of both the products and producers, as well as a very sustainable and elegant packaging. The jury also recognised the fine quality and excellent taste of the food products included in the box that would make a perfect corporate gift.


Recycled cardboard suitcase that pays tribute to the knowledge and flavours of the Coimbra region. The suitcase includes:

Cold partridge, Coimbra style – an exaltation of the Lordly Coimbra, and a souvenir of Coimbra, birthplace of 6 Kings of the First Dynasty who had hunting as an activity of choice. The art of escabeche.

Suspiro – Reflects the renown of Coimbra’s convent sweets, and exalts the imagery of academic bohemia in the art of seduction.

Handmade beer biscuits – Promoting industrial tourism, and a reminder of the hard biscuits that used to feed 15th and 16th century ships

Almalaguês Towel – The wisdom of our ancestors translated into the meticulous work of the cotton, transforming it into masterpieces from the looms of Almalaguês.

Coimbra Earthenware dish – the faience of Coimbra elevates its region from the XVIII century onwards, mainly in the national and international context.

Penacova – a tribute to the mastery of the work of ancient and wise hands that carve wood.

Honouring a unique trilogy, we want to offer a concept that unites tradition and innovation, in a case that brings together a palette of flavours: “Cold partridge Coimbra style”, “Suspiros” and “Beer biscuits”.

This case holds multiple stories, pays homage to and keeps the work of ancient and wise hands that carve the wood, warm the ancestral knowledge of skilled weavers, experienced hands that meticulously work the cotton, transforming it into masterpieces from the looms of Almalaguês. It keeps other memories of the past, displayed by the faience of Coimbra that, from the 18th century on, elevates the region of Coimbra in the national and international context.


Cold partridge: partridges, onion, garlic, bay leaf, zest of lemon, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, white wine, paprika

Suspiro: egg whites, sugar, lemon zest

Handmade beer biscuits: flour, sugar, butter, beer


Cordel Maneirista/ Paulo Queirós
Cordel has 3 distinct spaces. On the ground floor there is a grocery store where they serve handmade hamburgers and sell products of Transmontana and Central Region origin, which includes the traditional and conventual sweets awarded from Coimbra. On the 1st floor there is the best Beira cuisine with Transmontana influence (origin of the Chef) and also a terrace with a panoramic view to the city of Coimbra, a glazed room and a more intimate room.

Paulo Queirós has transmontan origins (Mirandela), studied Cooking in the Oporto Hotel and Tourism School (Nucleo de Vidago) and has worked as a Chef in several hotels and restaurants until he opened Cordel Maneirista, his space in Coimbra. He has won the kitchen career prize awarded by the Confraria Panela ao Lume, is a student at the FLUC (Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra), in the Master’s Degree in Food: Sources, Culture and Society with a defence scheduled for September with a research paper: “Gastronomy in the press”. The case of the Coimbra Daily 1930-1934. Trainer at the EHTC (Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Coimbra) in Restaurant and Beverages Management and in the degree in Gastronomy. Member of the Confraria dos Enófilos da Bairrada e dos Sabores de Coimbra. Passionate about knowledge and research of Portuguese gastronomy he was designated “Ambassador of the Conventual Confection of Coimbra” in the scope of Coimbra European Region of Gastronomy 2021, distinction that allows to give visibility to what always motivated him. Doing well and defending what was left to us in gastronomic heritage so that it is not forgotten or corrupted.

Working in partnership with Eduarda Antunes (Food Engineer from the Agrarian School of Coimbra), he continues the work of research and recovery of conventual and traditional recipes of the region of Coimbra.

Contact details:
Address: Rua Carlos Alberto Pinto de Abreu 2, 3040-245 Santa Clara, Coimbra (Portugal)
Phone: +351 919 991 288 (Paulo Queirós): +351 239 164 261 (fixed restaurant); +351 910 822 721 (mobile restaurant)

– 2nd Prize –


By iSafra

The jury appreciated the level of innovation in this gift that elegantly combines two historical and iconic ingredients from Menorca (saffron and gin) to produce a new and original taste. Drawing on 17th/18th century inspirations, the gift is very representative of the territory and deeply connected with its past history and long-standing traditions. The high quality of the ingredients and the attractive and sustainable packaging that underline its historical connection to the island make this gift unique. The jury also highlighted the Saffron Island Gin as a successful example of collaboration between local producers.


Ultra-premium gin created by combining two ingredients: gin distilled in wood-fired copper stills, following the traditional Menorcan method; and saffron, grown once more on the island after an interval of almost 300 years, by iSafra, a business run by Omar Zola. The name of the gin as well as the style of the bottle are a tribute to the iconic Maó gin, and to Saffron Island (known nowadays as Pinto Island), which was a key location for the spice trade during the British domination of the island. The resulting blend is wonderfully historical – a fascinating story that begins with an age-old formula for a digestive remedy dating from the late 17th to early 18th century, and ends up with a modern gin that is aromatic and floral, great for drinking straight or with a mixer; a gin which is pleasantly bitter yet at the same time very smooth.


Aloe vera, ginseng, ginger root, cardamom, mate, orange peel, certified top quality saffron and juniper berries



Isafra wants to produce natural products with high added value for our customers, which are always beneficial to health through a completely traditional process, without additives or chemicals. In the case of Saffron, we obtain the First Category Certification every year, which we make public, granted by the authorised control body of the Laboratorio Chimico Merceologico della Sardegna. We are not only focused on producing extra premium quality saffron, but also on the production of high quality healthy products fused with other first-class native productions of Menorca, Gin, Cheese, beer and Honey, all made with saffron as a transforming and exalting element.

Contact details:
Address: Finca Santa Margarita SRM, Es Mercadal, Menorca, Balearic Islands
Phone: +34 971 36 16 04

Where to buy:
Online shop

– 3rd Prize –


Saimaa, European Region of Gastronomy candidate 2024

The Luomus Koivu Plate is a unique piece that the jury recognised as beautifully designed and masterfully handcrafted. A contemporary gift using traditional craft skills, that uses sustainable raw material and packaging. Its shape recalls the local nature of the Saimaa region and its colour makes it elegant and refined. A beautiful poem accompanies the gift and this evokes a special connection to the region. Its form makes it perfect for serving food or as a sophisticated decorative item and perfect for a special gift.


Luomus Koivu is an interior element and a serving plate made of birch. It is entirely handcrafted in Lappeenranta by carpenter and Doctor of Engineering Ville Naumanen. The shape of the plate mimics the movement of a leaf falling from a tree. The light plays on the surface of the dish, creating a great frame for serving.

The plate gets its unique look from birch veneer made from ecologically through-dyed wood, a South Karelian innovation (CWP). All the raw material is sourced from sustainable forests (FSC marked material). A new tree has been planted in place of each harvested birch.


Luomus – Ville Naumanen

As a carpenter of the new age, the creator of wood, Ville Naumanen works on completely individual and life-long Creations without nails or screws, solving structural challenges with passion and the precision of a Ph.D. in the functional beauty of nature. In manufacturing, traditional carpentry is combined with the possibilities offered by modern technology.

The production uses various joining methods that take into account the natural life of the wood and last for a long time. The structure is part of the beauty. The joints create spectacular details in the furniture that separate the Creations from the industrially manufactured products.

The creations are created from wood grades that suit the purpose and the customer’s taste. They can use customer-supplied material. A fascinating story is created about the customer’s starting points and wishes, as well as the history of the wood. In the choice of material, special attention is paid to the fact that the origin of the wood is known and that it has been felled with respect for the environment.

Contact details:
Address: Kuikankatu 11, 53830 Lappeenranta, Finland
Phone: +358 040 029 9938

Where to buy:
Luomus online store

– Most Creative Branding –


The jury appreciated the creativity presented in the branding of this non-alcoholic sparkling drink. The black champagne-like bottle and black/gold label with beautiful leaf logo conveys the idea of a high-quality product that can be offered as an elegant alternative to wine. The jury also noted the delicious taste of this refreshing drink made with organic cloudberry, a typical berry found in Kuopio’s forests and that also has high nutritive benefits.


I am FINNA and what I look like corresponds to how I taste, because my taste is full of bubbling joy and celebration. I am real and precious – I come from the forests of the North, grown wild and picked by hand. I’m not explaining but I’m focusing on the essential – creating a festive atmosphere. FINNA Cloudberry is made from the golden treasures of the Nordic swamps, cloudberries. We extract cloudberries using traditional methods, with the 170- year craftsmanship of Lignell & Piispanen family business. FINNA Cloudberry’s taste is lightly bubbly and aromatic with a hint of cloudberry and hint of honey. Also suitable for vegans.

FINNA is a bubbly celebration of flavours, a berry trip into the woods. The picking season for cloudberries begins in the middle of July in southern Finland, while the harvest in northern Finland begins in early August.

Non-alcoholic FINNA can be used in the same way as alcoholic beverages. Best suited for light and fresh food, sweet treats and small edibles. Best enjoyed chilled.


Lignell & Piispanen

170 years from the forest to the glass. Family business, Lignell & Piispanen, founded in 1852, is celebrating its 170th anniversary this year. Lignell & Piispanen is the third oldest family business in Finland and still owned by the same family. They make beverages in Kuopio respecting the “forest to glass” philosophy. Long history has taught us to focus on the essential – unique flavors where one can taste the origin. The Story:

Contact details:
Address: Siikaranta 20, 70620 Kuopio, Finland

Visitor centre and shop
Email: visit@lignell­
Phone: +358 44 301 93 25

Email: orders@lignell­
Phone: +358 17 261 4641

Where to buy:

– Most Sustainable Packaging –


By Ilmatar Natural

The jury welcomed the simple but extremely sustainable packaging of this good tasting white honey from Kuopio that comes in a reusable glass jar wrapped in a small recycled paper bag tied with a thin twine and a wooden presentation plate. The bag is printed with the nicely designed logo of the producer and this is reproduced on the wooden plate making it a very elegant combination. The label on the jar clearly states the provenance of the product and its connection with the region and the design was considered to be extremely attractive, making the product an excellent gift item.


Soft honey is our first product. The life of the bee colony is a great story about strong women that we ourselves represent. A queen bee, our mother started beekeeping alongside a dairy farm 2 years ago, after which we daughters have also trained for a basic and vocational degree in beekeeping. The whole family has been involved in developing the idea of Ilmatar’s product family looking for pleasures in nature. When collecting nectar from long yards, flat fields, bees do an important job of pollinating flower meadows, arable and forest plants. Bees are one of nature’s most important pollinators and maintainers of biodiversity, which Ilmatar also wants to promote through its activities. Brand and labels are self-designed and commissioned in Iisalmi in North Savo. The product has the Produced in Finland brand-label.

For enjoyment as such or on top of food portions for decoration. The toffee-like feel and fresh taste of honey come out best when eaten cold. Honey has e.g. antibacterial properties and its effectiveness is at its best without heating directly from the jar when consumed alongside a warm beverage.

Ilmatar midsummer honey is an unheated, soft-kneaded, 100% natural product.


Ilmatar Natural

Natural honey products from Northern Savonia, Finland. The inspiration for Ilmatar’s products came from the Kalevala (epic poem compilation) and desire to cherish pure Finnish nature in products combined with ancient Finnish mysticism and folk tradition. In the Kalevala, Ilmatar, without impi, the mother of the country, is associated with the birth of Väinämöinen and the whole world. In the beehive, the Queen is the mother of all the bees in the hive. Workers who collect nectar from the wild are unpaired females, the imps of the air, who, when they produce honey, pollinate and “create” the whole world. The name Ilmatar is derived from the Finnish word ilma, meaning “air,” and the female suffix -tar, corresponding to English “-ress”. Thus, her name means Airress.

In the Kalevala she was also occasionally called Luonnotar (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈluo̯nːo̞t̪ɑr]), which means “female spirit of nature”. Finland is known for its summertime “white nights,” and Midsummer’s is the whitest of them all – A celebration of the summer solstice. Midnight Sun mythology is a huge part of Finnish folklore.

Contact details:

– Best Storytelling –


The jury was impressed with the delicious taste of this organic honey from South Aegean and its playful presentation in a colourful and contemporarily designed handmade, beehive-shaped wooden box. The clever use of a QR code on the packaging allows one to retrieve a detailed story of the product and producer on the spot, without loading the packaging with long and small written texts. The jury highlighted the effort of presenting a traditional product in a creative, modern and innovative way, as well as the sustainability of the packaging, since the box can be reused once the product is consumed.


All the fragrances of the Spring flowers in a jar. The characteristics of this uniquely Greek organic raw honey, its light golden colour, its soft aroma and its delicate taste embody in full the rich flora of the Greek nature and the exceptional biodiversity of the island of Serifos. It is collected in May and the locals call it “Magiatiko.”

The gift box is a small scaled replica of a bee hive crafted by hand and includes details such as the number of the most productive hives (14 & 37) and the beekeeper’s passport number attesting in the most eloquent and playful way the origin and authenticity of the production.


THE FAMiLY BEEZ – Rotas Son & Daughter

The Rota’s family from the island of Serifos has been producing top quality honey for almost 40 years now. The younger generation represented by George Rotas continuous this family tradition by producing exceptionally aromatic honey of distinguished taste. Production takes place in the family’s organically accredited workshop which is fitted with the latest technology available for producing honey in the most efficient way with the mildest possible intervention in the natural process.

Our products are organically produced in the island of Serifos, only in areas protected and designated as Natura 2000. Their superior taste and distinctive aroma are mostly attributed to the unique ecosystem of the region which warrants the high nutritional value of the organic production method used.

Contact details:
Address: Serifos Town, Mylon Square , 84005
Phone: +30 6979672763

Where to buy:
Online shop

– Best Tasting –


The jury appreciated that this gift includes top-quality, award-winning products that are emblematic of the Trondheim-Trøndelag region and offer a small tasting experience of some of the different local flavours. The smoked fish and meat, the cheese and the beer come in a sustainable and reusable wooden box, which makes the Gold from the Island Kingdom an excellent corporate gift and/or chiqué picnic. The shabby-chic wooden box could also be reused as a decorative item and therefore also provides a longer-term gift from the region.


The gift is local food in a wooden box made locally on the Island Hitra by people in inclusive work life. This work gives people a meaningful workday and contributes to a sustainable community. The box is reusable and made solid so it’s not a waste. The products inside are 5 gold award winning products from 5 different small-scale producers that collaborates in the network Taste from the Island Kingdom, with food from Hitra and Frøya. The box contains a gold envelope with information about the award-winning products and its producers.


Beer (Barley) Smoked Trout (fish) Hot smoked Salmon (Fish and spices) Cheese (milk) Hot smoked lamb (no allergens)


Smaker fra Øyriket AS

Smaker fra Øyriket is a network of food and beverage producers including: Hitra Gårdsmat, Helgebostad Hagebruk, Dolmøy Seafood, Garnviks Røkeri, Hurran Gård og kafe, Bryggeriet Frøya and DalPro Gårdsmat.

Contact details:
Address: Hammerstadveien 1, 7250 Melandsjø, Norway

Where to buy:

– Best Promotion of the Region –


Saimaa, European Region of Gastronomy candidate 2024

This gift offers a delightful assortment of local D.O. products that are both delicious and highly representative of the Saimaa region. All the products were remarked upon for their taste, quality and  uniqueness. The jury acknowledged how the connection of the gift with the territory is made clear on the packaging. They also appreciated the suggestions on how to combine the ingredients to achieve a  surprising tasting experience.


D.O. Saimaa delicacies is a ready-made gift package which includes Kenkävero’s bread crisps, Vavesaari’s blueberry marmalade, Heikkilä’s herb farm basil, oregano and tarragon herb spices, and smoked vendace from Järvi-Suomen kalatuote and Kalakontti.


Bread crisps: Lactose-free milk drink, rye flour from the original rye, wheat flour, sesame seeds, yeast and salt (the processing plant has also processed nuts), additive free.

Herbs: Dried basil, oregano and tarragon.

Blueberry marmalade: Sugar, starch syrup, water, blueberry (10%), gelling agent (pectin), acidity regulator citric acid, organically produced.

Smoked Vendace: smoked vendace, rapeseed oil, salt 1.5%, chili ketchup and celery.


D.O. Saimaa

D.O. Saimaa is the first Finnish regional quality label for food and food products that are produced in the Lake Saimaa region. By selecting D.O. Saimaa products consumers, restaurants and distributors can rely on making a quality choice that fulfils the highest gastronomical, ethical and responsible standards. These products are the finest examples of the rare and unique gastronomic and cultural heritage of the Lake Saimaa region.

Contact details:

Contact for the D.O. Saimaa Delicacy Gift Box:
Anne Ossi
Phone: +358440 162 210

Contact for the D.O. Saimaa Brand:
Miia Korja
Phone: +35850 5161 481

Where to buy:
Online shop

– Best Innovation on Traditional Design –


The jury was impressed with the concept of this gift that combines the tradition of making ceramics with the Slovenian gastronomy by including some wooden coasters with local recipes printed on them. The ceramic bowls are beautifully shaped, elegant and skillfully designed and are therefore suitable for both serving food or decorating a home. The recipes included in the elegant and unusually shaped gift box suggest a strong connection with the region, as well as a possible practical use of the craft objects.


Rosette – Svarica is a six-leafed sign representing the Sun and is spread throughout Europe. In our country, the symbol is associated with the Old Slavic belief in the god Svarog. Svarga is a well-known name for a celestial or solar path, and its meaning is close to fire, burning, flame, and smoke. People believed in its protective feature, carving it into stone, wood, cradles, chests, beams, wooden cabinets, or wine barrels to keep the wine from spoiling. It is also often found in older houses, chapels, and churches. Today, the symbol of the rosette is part of our rich cultural heritage, and with the new product, we can bring it closer to a present-day man or woman. The name of the crockery (ROZCA) comes from its basic shape  rosette, and the Slovene word »rožica« (little flower). Bowls are multi-purpose, suitable also for baking. There are three bowls stored in the handmade gift packaging. Between them are three wooden coasters, printed with recipes, for making sweet, savory, and herbal »buhtelj« (special kind of buns). If we divide the rosette into geometric elements, we get a circle and six leaves. The circle is above all a symbol of time and god, both being infinite and all-embracing.

Buhtelj is by no means just a specialty from Ljubljana, as it is prepared all over our country and beyond. Buhtelj is a typical Austro-Hungarian dessert, which is generally a little less sweet. The name »buhtelj« originates from the Czech Republic, where it is called »buchta«. It is a sourdough dumpling with filling, baked in the oven.

The naming of the dessert derives from German word »Buchtel« and from Czech »buchta« – a word that means »a lump«. The Czech word is related to the Slovene word »búhniti« and originally means *»something swollen« (HL, 107).

Perception of bread as a »gift from God« in folk wisdom dates back to pre-Christian times, but despite its venerable age, it represents a possibility of creative inspiration in connection with learning about and respecting the past and thus the cultural heritage of a particular area in modern times. It is a great challenge for everyone to revive the forgotten homeliness with the wonderful smell of freshly baked bread.

With these dishes, I would like to stimulate the user’s culinary creativity and imagination.

Bon Appetit!

Dictionary of Slovenian Literary Language / róžica

  1. diminutive of flower: flowers bloom; to plant flowers; it bloomed like a flower / mountain, forest flowers; medicinal flowers / fragrant flowers; to pick flowers; the child plucked flowers for the mother; tiny, colorful flowers; you are like a flower
  2. expr. young, lovely woman: I have never seen so many flowers together / As an address to someone: Come, my flower.
ABOUT THE PRODUCER – Andreja Aljančič Povirk

The goal is satisfied customers. Since 1993. Create and improve the world around you. Wishing is not enough, something needs to be done. There are many challenges ahead of me. Connecting and intertwining in search of new solutions enriches me. I look forward to progress and cooperation.

Contact details:
Phone: +386 031 459 971

– Best Contemporary Interpretation of Traditional Craft –


By Antheya / ALL

The jury appreciated the idea of creatively repurposing chicory, a typical ingredient of Hauts-de-France’s gastronomy, to create a natural cosmetic product entirely manufactured in the region. The Chicory Soap surprisingly innovates the tradition of artisanal natural soap making by introducing a quality vegetable from the local food heritage among its ingredients. The soap comes wrapped in an attractive, elegant and sustainable cardboard box.


Soap containing coffee beans power and chicory pieces from Hauts-de-France, perfect for a good skin hydratation. These soaps are made at Guemps, on the Opale coast by the French company Antheya.


Sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, sodium rapeseedate, glycerin, sodium shea butterate, aqua, sodium linseedate, cichorium intybus root powder, coffea arabica seed powder.



The soap is made in France by the company Antheya in Guemps, on the Opal Coast and marketed through the Autor du Louvre-Lens (ALL) brand. The company offers 100% natural soaps for the body and face that are mentioned New Organic Cosmetics: cosmetic and personal hygiene products made from substances or compositions of raw materials obtained by using simple physical or chemical processes, without the use of synthetic molecules. All stages of manufacturing meet standards and criteria for respecting the environment.

The products are the fruit of a couple of enthusiasts, two very complementary experts. Since 2009, Claudia Janquin has brought her skills as a chemist and aromatherapist and her husband, Sylvain, those of a business manager and a responsible commercial approach. Their common desire: to offer excellent products with the best ingredients. The ranges offered cater to lovers of organic products, followers of veganism, consumers concerned about ethics, ecology and a responsible approach.

Contact details:
1. ALL: 84 rue Paul Bert (Louvre-Lens Vallée), 62300 Lens (France)
2. Antheya: 679 Av. Roger Salengro, 62100 Calais, France
Email: contact form

Where to buy:
ALL website

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Davide Bruno


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