FLAG (Fund for Local Arts and Gastronomy)

IGCAT is a non-profit organisation and our work is made possible principally through the World Regions of Gastronomy Platform and the voluntary contributions of our network of IGCAT experts – (now 80 across the globe). We all strongly believe that we need to support cultural and food diversity to empower communities and ensure a sustainable future for the planet.

However, we have come across regions that would like to work to full capacity but are lacking the resources to fully engage in our community. So, IGCAT Board have recently launched this fund – for lesser-economically developed regions in the world.

We feel that sustainable ideas are so vital to saving our planet that we want to do everything possible to make our work available to regions that can benefit from it both online but also by providing grants for resources and mobility where needed.

If you appreciate our work and you would like to support our efforts, please donate so we can help empower more communities.

If you would like to pledge funds please write to : info@igcat.org

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