The NEMOS partners consolidated goals and tools at their 4th Transnational Meeting

The NEMOS partners moved forward in their endeavour to integrate sustainability into food-related degrees at the 4th transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ project NEMOS – A new educational model for acquisition of sustainability competences through service-learning, hosted by ISARA school in Lyon (France), on 2-3 October 2023.

The aim of the meeting was to track the project’s progress and plan for the final actions to be implemented within the project’s lifespan. To that end, each of the higher education institutions involved in the consortium shared the approach they used to include service-learning activities into selected courses, and the methodologies applied to engage students, lecturers and local community actors.

About the NEMOS Project

The NEMOS project acknowledges sustainability as an increasingly crucial skill for graduate and post-graduate students to tackle important global challenges such as climate change, food waste and the loss of biodiversity in their professional future. Therefore, the project aims to define a new educational model to integrate sustainability competences in the curricula of food-related degrees by means of service learning.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, the NEMOS project is led by the Public University of Navarra and includes the following consortium partners: Technological University Dublin (Ireland); Technological University Graz (Austria); Rhône-Alpes Higher Institute of Agriculture (France); University of Pisa (Italy); and IGCAT.

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