Tanja Strugar

Project Officer – League of Experts (LEX) Consulting 

Tanja Strugar grew up living in various countries around the world. China, Lebanon, Israel, Italy, South Africa, Serbia and the United States have all been her home, so her interest in cultural similarities and differences came naturally. Her passion for gastronomy and its cultural implications manifested at a young age, and she has been proactive in incorporating it into her professional career. She completed an undergraduate degree in Communications, with a minor in marketing, at the American University of Rome, after which she completed the Master of Arts UNESCO Chair Program in Cultural Policy and Management at the University of Arts in Belgrade, where she wrote her master thesis on “Gastronomy as a Tool in Cultural Diplomacy and Nation Branding in Serbia”.

Her areas of expertise are gastronomy in diplomacy and culture. She currently resides in Serbia where she works as a Project Officer at The League of Experts Consulting, while continuing to write research papers about gastronomy, culture, and diplomacy. She is also a member of the Slow Food Convivium in Serbia.

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