Dr. Iulia Dragut

Dr. Iulia Dragut

Dr. Iulia Dragut has been President of Cultural Association Euro East Alternative since 2007 and IGCAT Expert (International Institute of Gastronomy Culture, Arts and Tourism) since 2019. She has organised several national events which were successful and further she has participated at international events for over 15 years already. She held a title of doctor in Philosophy, cum laude and several trainer and management diplomas for Hospitality Industry.

Throughout the year 2023, IGCAT Expert Iulia Dragut showcased her expertise in culinary arts and sustainable gastronomy. She contributed to events like the “Chefs’ New Year’s Eve” celebration, emphasizing French cuisine’s golden age. Iulia’s involvement in initiatives like the “Romanian Beef Master by Chef Radu Zărnescu” and the “Sustainable Fish Festival” highlighted her commitment to promoting locally sourced ingredients and diverse culinary techniques. “Gastronomic Education” (Gastronomic Education Manual and handbook) are her biggest accomplishments, the new discipline she initiate in Romania will change the way children understand food. Last year she wrote the occupation standards for cook, diet chef and chef, changing the approach on this occupations in Romania, adjusted to European level. She also participated in charitable endeavours, events for new generations of specialists in Horeca (Culinariada)  reimagining traditional Romanian cuisine with a modern twist. Iulia’s international recognition and engagement in local festivals underscored her dedication to culinary innovation and sustainability. Her contributions to forums and collaborations emphasized IGCAT’s mission of promoting gastronomic excellence worldwide.

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