Bernardo Calvo Oliveira

Bernardo Calvo Oliveira

Coimbra Region, Portugal

Dedicated, passionate and humble, Bernardo Calvo Oliveira is proud to have represented Coimbra Region, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2021 at the European Young Chef Award 2019.

18 years old, Bernardo is a student of Food Management and Production at the Coimbra Hotel and Tourism School. During his studies, he completed different cooking and pastry internships that have provided him with more confidence, learning opportunities and knowledge.

Despite his young age, Bernardo has already participated in different culinary contests. He got second place in the Portuguese national competition Young Talent of the Year in 2018 and won the first national prize in the student category in the contest Revolta do Bacalhau. He has also been selected for the contest Jovem Talento da Gastronomia 2019 (Gastronomy Young Talent 2019) in the category Cozinha com Bacalhau Brasmar(Cooking with Brasmar Cod).

Bernardo’s future plans include taking a degree in Gastronomy and undergoing complementary training to fulfil his goal to work in a professional kitchen with love and soul, performing with confidence and perfection, and providing others with amazing food experiences.