IGCAT at the Americas Cultural Summit 2019

IGCAT was fortunate to be in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the Americas Cultural Summit 2019, hosted by the Secretary of Culture of the Nation in partnership with IFACCA. The event took place in the context of the Creative Industries Market of Argentina (MICA), during which IFACCA held a meeting for its members in the Americas.

Over 600 delegates attended the event, including 150 policy makers from 22 countries. Simon Brault, Chair of IFACCA, called for renewed shared leadership that includes voices that have until now been missing; and Magdalena Moreno Mujica, Executive Director of IFACCA, insisted that all actors are important when developing and implementing cultural policies.

The highlight was a keynote presentation by Luis Pescetti (writer, Argentina) who eloquently framed humanity’s current challenges; the critical importance of cultural citizenship; and the urgent need to safeguard traditional, Indigenous and contemporary cultures. Digital tools were cited as both a threat and an opportunity in this regard. A series of panels took place that addressed how digital can re-address diversity from different perspectives and using many genres including film.

Jaume Gomila from Menorca, Balearic Islands attended the conference alongside Diane Dodd, President of IGCAT and regional adviser to IFACCA.

For a quick overview of the Summit, you can now find a short video previewphoto album and reflections from the Americas Cultural Summit 2019 published by the Secretary of Culture of the Nation, Argentina.