Jaume Gomila

Chairman of Adult Education Schools of Menorca

Jaume Gomila, is a philologist, teacher and culture manager. He has professional degrees in Music and Theatre and he is postgraduate in Literature Studies by University of Barcelona.

He has been working in all the creative and heritage sectors. Since 2018, he is a civil servant in the Government of the Balearic Islands, where he has organized artistic studies (Batxillerat d’Arts Escèniques d’Eivissa, Escola d’Art Dramàtic d’Eivissa i Escola d’Art Dramàtic de Menorca). He has been director of the Public Library and Historical Archive of Mahon (2014-2015) and Director General for Culture of the Balearic Islands (2015-2017). He is member of countless cultural and social NGOs and institutions, and lately Chairman at Adult Education Schools of Menorca. He is co-owner of the oldest bohemian bistrot downtown, Nou Bar.

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