Roberta Garibaldi

Prof. Roberta Garibaldi

Professor of Tourism Management – University of Bergamo

Roberta Garibaldi is Professor of Tourism Management at the University of Bergamo and deals with research and applied projects for territories and business realities related to food and wine tourism. She has done several research and consulting activities such as planning, coordination and development of research and consulting activities for local authorities, consortium and companies. She was also involved in research with other universities, including Bocconi University, University of Milano-Bicocca, University of Milano, University of California.

Roberta is author of the Report on Gastronomy Tourism in Italy and several other books including: “In viaggio per cibo e vino. Opportunità per un nuovo turismo integrato. Volume I” (2017), “In viaggio alla scoperta di cibo e vino. Esperienze creative a confronto. Volume II” (2017); “Economia e gestione delle imprese turistiche” Hoepli (2015), “Il turismo culturale europeo. Città ri-visitate. Nuove idee e forme del turismo culturale” Franco Angeli (2014), “Il turismo culturale europeo” Franco Angeli (2012), “Facebook in tourism” Franco Angeli (2011), “Professioni del turismo tra tendenze e mutamenti” Franco Angeli (2008),” Economia e gestione delle imprese turistiche” Hoepli (2008), “I villaggi turistici. Analisi di settore” Franco Angeli (2006). She has published several papers in national and international journals .

Next to the above, she is also:

Member of the Board of Directors of the World Food Travel Association

Member of the Board of Advisors of the World Gastronomy Institute

Member of the Presidency Council of SISTUR – Italian Society of Tourism Sciences

President of the Italian Food and Wine Tourism Association (Associazione Italiana Turismo Enogastronomico)

Member of AIEST – Association Internationale d’Experts Scientifiques du Tourisme

Member of ATLAS – Association for Tourism and Leisure

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