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Top 10 Websites for Foodie Travelers 2024

Los Top 10 Websites for Foodie Travelers 2024 fueron anunciados en Saimaa, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2024, el 2 de february de 2024.

Los 10 principales sitios web de todo el mundo para 2024 fueron seleccionados por un jurado internacional de expertos para mostrar las mejores prácticas en función de su usabilidad, sostenibilidad y creatividad de las experiencias ofrecidas, así como de su conexión con las regiones que promocionan.

The jury complimented the site for the inclusion of great photos and comprehensive information. The introduction to Catalonia is excellent, delineating clear target groups and a sustainable programme offer with a focus on heritage and reasonable pricing, even including tree planting after each customer’s visit. Its fast-loading speed and user-friendly interface make navigating this aesthetically pleasing site a delight. The well-structured layout, comfortable colour scheme, and well-written, relevant content, along with emphasized important information, ensure easy accessibility. Despite hosting a wealth of information, it’s relatively well-structured with links to social media, enhancing its overall appeal.


«NJOY Catalonia aims to offer to our visitors a wide range of immersive experiences, getaways and tours in Catalonia and to give them a way to visit Catalonia on a sustainable way thanks to our commitment A traveler, A tree. Our proposals are based on enhancing our travelers experience, through an holistic approach of Catalonia, through its culture, gastronomy and nature heritage and its traditional richness. As we say, there is the most known Catalonia, starting from Barcelona as a leading city of great interest, as well as other important cities. But there is also the unusual Catalonia, which discovers places that have something special, unknown customs in other parts of the territory, local gastronomy that is centred on the products and the heritage of yesteryear. And it is this very special Catalonia that we want to make known.

We offer getaways and experiences in all parts of Catalonia, paying special attention to all aspects of sustainability (social, economical and environmental). These are proposals aimed at travellers who are committed to another way of traveling and who, at the same time, want to contribute to the preservation of the planet and the places they visit. We are the only Catalan travel agency that gather immersive and multi-sectoral travel proposals only around Catalonia, and that is specially destined to eco-friendly travellers. Our website is a neutral website in CO2 emissions.»

Source: NJOY Catalonia

The jury complimented this site for offering an intuitive, efficient booking process aimed at providing enriching experiences while supporting local communities and regional products. The visually appealing design with a well-organized layout makes navigation simple, complemented by expertly written content valuable to its audience. The site beautifully encapsulates the local spirit, showcasing fantastic tourist offers and experiences, making it a tough choice between the exceptional Finnish offers, which really underline that Saimaa deserves the European Region of Gastronomy 2024 title. With its beautiful imagery and carefully designed tours, it was truly one of the best websites in the competition!


«Äksyt Ämmät Green Finn Tour Operator is an independent, fully licensed, local Finnish tour operator and activity commissioner. Our aim is to offer active holidays and holiday activities in Finland to small traveller groups, who wish to experience the most genuine activities run by the best local service providers. On our tours we will stay in small, family-run guesthouses, eat in local restaurants and use local transport and other services as much as possible. Our tours are guided and local guides are used as often as possible. The travellers are hosted as guests by us and will be able to reach their own, local contact person throughout the tour.

Our extensive knowledge and life-long experience of travelling in our home country enables us to create tours providing you with real insight into Finland. We are able to recommend you best visiting times for each destination, to offer you only services which have been audited by us and to provide full service also outside the main tourist season. In addition to the must-see-attractions you will be offered genuine experiences with the local people in the most beautiful Finnish nature.

We respect nature and emphasize services leaving the minimum ecological footprint in the nature.»


The jury highlighted that the website’s commitment against over-tourism is admirable, providing an excellent sustainable alternative that offers fantastic, enjoyable tours while imparting great local knowledge to tourists. The website excels in providing a user-friendly booking process that is intuitive, efficient, and inclusive. It promises enriching experiences that spotlight the local community, support regional producers, and offers a range of educational, family-friendly options. The site’s accessibility and well-structured content, along with clear and captivating images, contributes to an overall exceptional user experience.


«RhodeTrip is a team of dedicated and enthusiastic locals on one mission: to show our guests the “real” Rhodes, as we the locals see it, away from the mass tourism facilities that the island offers in excess. Born and raised on the beautiful Island of Rhodes we offer exceptional local knowledge and a personalized, hands-on service that allows for authentic travel experiences.»

Source: RhodeTrip

The jury felt that this website paints a comprehensive and detailed picture of the country’s tourism and gastronomy landscape. Each detail is presented clearly within a visually pleasing design and organised layout, ensuring easy navigation. The expertly written content not only adds value but also caters perfectly to the target audience. With a user-friendly navigation menu, the site becomes even more accessible. Offering multi-experiences, mobile-friendly features, diverse language options, and a plethora of versatile activities, complemented by captivating images, this website stands as a beacon of choice and quality for travellers.


«The portal is an umbrella website for the promotion of Slovenian tourism. The purpose of the portal is to inspire visitors to visit Slovenia through thematic stories and top tourist offers. More detailed research and reservations are carried out on the websites of the providers.

On a regular monthly basis, we prepare new content and stories for the following products: active vacations, gastronomy (cuisine and wine), cities and culture, and well-being.

We highlight new communication content and stories on the home page of the portal and intensively promote them through our marketing communication tools:

  • monthly newsletter Stories from Slovenia – B2C in 4 languages (SLO, ANG, German, ITA);
  • every two-weeks newsletter for foreign media News from Slovenia – B2B in ANG language;
  • gastronomic newsletter Gastronomy Stories from Slovenia – B2C in SLO and ANG language;
  • posts on social media, advertising in a global digital campaign at 18 markets (Google Performance, Google Search, in SM posts – Facebook, Instagram…) etc.»

Source: Slovenian Tourist Board

The jury complimented this site for introducing Tunisian culture and gastronomy, which adds an exciting dimension to the offer, reflected in the captivating itineraries and the emphasis on local products and faces showcased through excellent-quality photos. It provides enriching experiences with a focus on education and family-friendliness, while the user-friendly booking process ensures efficiency and clarity. Highlighting the local community and supporting regional producers and products further enhances the appeal. The site’s simplicity, easy navigation, quality images, and overall execution deserve commendation!


«Sawa Taste of Tunisia offers carefully curated culinary journeys in Tunisia, to discover the country’s unique Mediterranean cuisine, distinctive local products, and incredible flavours. We are driven by a passion for delicious food and local flavors, a commitment to cultural understanding, and the desire to promote small family/female-run projects.»

Source: Sawa Taste of Tunisia

The jury complimented this site for offering a comprehensive introduction to Sicilian wines and wineries, meticulously selecting locations and providing ample tasting opportunities. Additionally, it extends beyond wine, providing insightful advice on what to explore in Sicily overall. The site prides itself on sustainable experiences across social, environmental, and economic aspects year-round. These inclusive, educational, and family-friendly experiences engage various stakeholders while championing local producers and products, fostering strong connections to the regional terrain. Its effective internal search engine, well-structured CMS with metatags, and ease of finding and booking experiences further contribute to its appeal.


«Winery Tasting Sicily aims to offer:

Experiential Immersion: Providing visitors with an immersive experience into Sicilian winemaking, culture, and heritage through tastings, tours, and interactions with local wineries.

Educational Engagement: Educating visitors about Sicilian wines, the winemaking process, grape varieties, terroir, and the unique characteristics that define Sicilian wines.

Hospitality and Enjoyment: Ensuring a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for visitors, encouraging them to savour the wines, appreciate the scenery, and enjoy the overall experience.

Cultural Appreciation: Showcasing not just the wines but also the cultural richness of Sicily, possibly through local food pairings, historical insights, or showcasing local traditions.

The visitor experience mission of a site like revolves around providing a memorable, educational, and enjoyable experience that celebrates Sicilian wine and its cultural context while offering visitors an immersive journey into the region’s winemaking heritage.»

Source: Winery Tasting Sicily

The jury adored the origin story of this website, born from a campaign promoting locally grown food and evolving over time. It is truly commendable that the entire initiative stems from local civic cooperation, beautifully showcasing producers and their products. Visually appealing design coupled with a meticulously organised layout enables effortless navigation. The content, concise and expertly tailored to the intended audience, stands out as a highlight. Moreover, the user-friendly navigation menu adds to the seamless experience. This platform not only presents local producers but also establishes connections with them, spotlighting a delightful array of local vegetables and fruits and underscores that the South Aegean deserves the title European Region of Gastronomy 2019.


«The logo of Kos Locally Grown is accompanied by a QR code which redirects the user to the website. On our website, apart from information on local products and the benefits of their preference, a user can find local businesses that produce or sell local products and ways to contact and visit them. Thus, creating a network between businesses that produce, sell. This makes local products more easily accessible to anyone who wants to find, taste, and buy them.

Kos Locally Grown is a project that started in a school and a zero cost website. The building of the website is a result of volunteering work.»

Source: Kos Locally Grown

This website was selected by the jury because it strongly emphasizes the use of local produce and introduces various local stakeholders, capturing the genuine smiles and happiness of the people involved. The site is dedicated to offering enriching and inclusive experiences that highlight the local community while supporting regional producers and products. It stands out as a ‘human’ platform, presenting the individuals behind the food, providing easy navigation, and clear understanding, accompanied by stunning visual content that truly enhances the experience.


«The mission of the Norway Food Region website is to inspire people about food in the Trøndelag region and to inform them on how to get there and which food-related experiences are available.

The website shows the different parts of the food region Trøndelag. In Trøndelag you find some of the best waters for crayfish, crab, scallops and mussels. The region is also known for its agricultural products such as pork, chicken, lamb, beef, vegetables and berries. Not to mention, the abundance of mushrooms, native plants and herbs and wild game. Trøndelag is also a trailblazer when it comes to producing organic dairy and meat.

The largest city, Trondheim, has three Michelin Star restaurants and a lot of other culinary gems. In the many smaller towns and villages in the county the local food production and food experiences are growing focusing more and more on local food story telling in the visitors experiences.»

Source: Norway Food Region

The jury complimented this site for brilliantly showcasing a rich gastronomy stemming from locally produced goods under a protected label, providing special foods and detailed recipes, alongside engaging elements like demonstration cooking — an aspect that truly captivates users and reinforces that Saimaa deserves the title European Region of Gastronomy 2024. Its well-structured, clear, and understandable interface contributes to an overall exceptional user experience, making it undoubtedly one of the best websites in its niche!


«D.O. Saimaa invites you and your friends to enjoy good tastes and authentic experiences in the pure landscapes of Saimaa. Along the way you’ll find friendly restaurants and unique farm shops, interesting history and unique places to visit.

The website gives information about the producers, as well the restaurants which serve the D.O. Saimaa products, and it offers a self-guided gourmet tour with Saimaa Gastronomy companies. On this self-guided tour, you won’t go hungry, and you’ll have plenty of food along the way for your body and soul to take home with you.

D.O.Saimaa is Finland’s first regional origin and quality label. The good in the label’s slogan means not only high quality, but also a positive impact on the environment, culture and vitality of the region. D.O. Saimaa labelled products or ingredients tell consumers, restaurants and retailers that they are making a good, ethical and responsible choice.»

Source: D.O. Saimaa

The jury found that this site excels in offering a wide array of food experiences and cooking courses, presenting a great variety for users and reinforcing that Menorca deserves the title European Region of Gastronomy 2022. The recent addition of videos enhances the experience, especially the excellent quality of the short films. Its user-friendly booking process, intuitive and efficient, promises enriching and welcoming experiences highlighting the local community, supporting regional producers, and providing a diverse range of educational, inclusive, and family-friendly options. The cooking courses on the websites are very well presented.


«With the Cómete Menorca gastronomic experiences you will intensely enjoy cooking and everything that surrounds it. Discover the authentic Menorcan cuisine with the best chefs and in the best restaurants on the island; Learn about their recipes, their history, their traditions, their products through Cookery Courses and gastronomic demonstrations (cooking Lobster, seeing the gastronomic applications of Cheese, or with a Mayonnaise Sauce workshop), visiting various farms on a Gourmet Tour, doing a trip to the Menorcan cuisine of the 18th century, knowing the entire gastronomic process with the experience From the land and the sea to the table

Source: Cómete Menorca

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