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Top 10 Websites for Foodie Travelers 2023

Los Top 10 Websites for Foodie Travelers 2023 se anunciaron en Hauts-de-France, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2023, el 14 de junio de 2023. Los 10 mejores sitios webs procedentes de las Regiones Mundiales y Europeas de Gastronomía para el 2022 han sido seleccionados por un jurado internacional de expertos como buenas prácticas por demostrar facilidad de uso, sostenibilidad y creatividad de las experiencias ofrecidas y conexión con las regiones que promueven.

The jury felt that this website is well-structured, easy to navigate, attractive and well-presented. It showcases a wide range of food experiences, some truly unique and inspiring with a genuine feel and engaging. The nice design, multiple languages and connection with social media was also highly appreciated.


The portal is an umbrella website for the promotion of Slovenian tourism. The purpose of the portal is to inspire visitors to visit Slovenia through thematic stories and top tourist offers. More detailed research and reservations are carried out on the websites of the providers.

On a regular monthly basis, we prepare new content and stories for the following products: active vacations, gastronomy (cuisine and wine), cities and culture, and well-being.

We highlight new communication content and stories on the home page of the portal and intensively promote them through our marketing communication tools:

  • monthly newsletter Stories from Slovenia – B2C in 4 languages (SLO, ANG, German, ITA);
  • every two-weeks newsletter for foreign media News from Slovenia – B2B in ANG language;
  • gastronomic newsletter Gastronomy Stories from Slovenia – B2C in SLO and ANG language;
  • posts on social media, advertising in a global digital campaign at 18 markets (Google Performance, Google Search, in SM posts – Facebook, Instagram…) etc.

Source: Slovenian Tourist Board

This website was selected by the jury because of its focus on the visitor and the many authentic, innovative and sustainable food experiences on offer from the region. The jury found the images attractive and the sustainable travel certification as a way of creating confidence. The website is also easy to navigate.


«Äksyt Ämmät Green Finn Tour Operator is an independent, fully licensed, local Finnish tour operator and activity commissioner. Our aim is to offer active holidays and holiday activities in Finland to small traveller groups, who wish to experience the most genuine activities run by the best local service providers. On our tours we will stay in small, family-run guesthouses, eat in local restaurants and use local transport and other services as much as possible. Our tours are guided and local guides are used as often as possible. The travellers are hosted as guests by us and will be able to reach their own, local contact person throughout the tour.

Our extensive knowledge and life-long experience of travelling in our home country enables us to create tours providing you with real insight into Finland. We are able to recommend you best visiting times for each destination, to offer you only services which have been audited by us and to provide full service also outside the main tourist season. In addition to the must-see-attractions you will be offered genuine experiences with the local people in the most beautiful Finnish nature.

We respect nature and emphasize services leaving the minimum ecological footprint in the nature.»


This jury acknowledged the focus of this website on unique, creative and interesting food experiences. The jury also found the images attractive, the website well-structured and the experiences to have good titles. The jury appreciated the website’s commitment of respecting the destination.


«NJOY Catalonia aims to offer to our visitors a wide range of immersive experiences, getaways and tours in Catalonia and to give them a way to visit Catalonia on a sustainable way thanks to our commitment A traveler, A tree. Our proposals are based on enhancing our travelers experience, through an holistic approach of Catalonia, through its culture, gastronomy and nature heritage and its traditional richness. As we say, there is the most known Catalonia, starting from Barcelona as a leading city of great interest, as well as other important cities. But there is also the unusual Catalonia, which discovers places that have something special, unknown customs in other parts of the territory, local gastronomy that is centred on the products and the heritage of yesteryear. And it is this very special Catalonia that we want to make known.

We offer getaways and experiences in all parts of Catalonia, paying special attention to all aspects of sustainability (social, economical and environmental). These are proposals aimed at travellers who are committed to another way of traveling and who, at the same time, want to contribute to the preservation of the planet and the places they visit. We are the only Catalan travel agency that gather immersive and multi-sectoral travel proposals only around Catalonia, and that is specially destined to eco-friendly travellers. Our website is a neutral website in CO2 emissions.»

Source: NJOY Catalonia

This website was selected by the jury because it is really well-structured, attractive and offers high quality, authentic and local food experiences with useful information for the visitor. The jury also appreciated the announcement of the international title, European Region of Gastronomy Award 2022 on the homepage, because this reassures international visitors.


«The mission of the Norway Food Region website is to inspire people about food in the Trøndelag region and to inform them on how to get there and which food-related experiences are available.

The website shows the different parts of the food region Trøndelag. In Trøndelag you find some of the best waters for crayfish, crab, scallops and mussels. The region is also known for its agricultural products such as pork, chicken, lamb, beef, vegetables and berries. Not to mention, the abundance of mushrooms, native plants and herbs and wild game. Trøndelag is also a trailblazer when it comes to producing organic dairy and meat.

The largest city, Trondheim, has three Michelin Star restaurants and a lot of other culinary gems. In the many smaller towns and villages in the county the local food production and food experiences are growing focusing more and more on local food story telling in the visitors experiences.»

Source: Norway Food Region

The jury felt that this website strongly links to the values and principles of the European Region of Gastronomy title which reassures international visitors. The site is also fully-dedicated to promoting gastronomy and food-related experiences with many of them being unique and creative. The website and its images are very attractive. The jury also appreciated that the website offers sustainable and cross-sectoral experiences throughout the year involving a range of different stakeholders in the region, thereby promoting the regional territory, local producers and products.


«Taste Savo portal – The European Region of Gastronomy Kuopio and North Savo Awarded 2020-21 is centred on gastronomy and food and it comprises events and activities that will tickle the taste buds of tourists. The programme is based on existing events and festivals, complemented by activities suitable for both individual travellers and groups. The central theme of North Savo and Kuopio is living according to nature’s rhythm. Finland’s pure nature, midnight sun, high-quality natural ingredients and everyone’s right to roam and pick berries, mushrooms and wild herbs are part of our everyday lives and something we want to share with tourists. We have put together content that combines nature, activities, good food and accommodation. Our partners have collaborated to produce a contents, including food events, rural markets, events combining food and culture, pop-up restaurants in interesting settings, group travels excursions and cultural heritage. Our partner restaurants use ingredients from local producers and adapt Finnish culinary traditions to the present with professional skill.

Behind the site is a project collaboration between Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation / ProAgria Eastern Finland, the City of Kuopio, SavoGrown and Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Nearly 100 companies, event operators, educational institutions and development organizations from all over the province are involved in the development work. Strategic work has been carried out on projects at the strategic level, both regionally (GastroPlan) and influencing the funding programs for the forthcoming programming period in international cooperation (EUREGA). Towards strategic goals, the Gastro Business project supports the development of companies through training, the ERG Jubilee Year project, in which the jubilee year program is implemented in practice. In the Savonian is a Taste of Mind project, the European Region of Gastronomy is made known regionally and with the participation of special groups. SME group projects, such as the Gastronomic Bridge, which focuses on food business cooperation and exports, and the Four Season Derby, which emphasises the support and implementation of rural tourism productisation.»

Source: Taste Savo

The jury complimented this site for offering intimate cooking and food trail experiences from a family-run boutique hotel with a green policy. The cooking experiences are authentic in terms of the setting, the use of locally produced food and the recipes passed down within the family of the hosts. The website is clear, attractive and is accessible in a wide range of languages through an easy to use Google translator. The website gets across the warm hospitality of the hosts and their close connection with their local food heritage. The jury appreciated the logistical information that makes the studios easy to find and the detailed instructions on how to get there by any kind of transport, as well as the possibility to book rooms.


«Hands-on Cooking Classes in an Authentic Greek Kitchen in the island of Paros!
When the family recipes are passed from one generation to the other by word of mouth, they become priceless, the table becomes the centre of the family, echoing laughter, discussions and decisions. Join us in the kitchen and see, smell and taste the real Greece with us! Our cooking holidays are relaxed, fun and hands-on. They take place in the kitchen of Margarita’s restaurant, with everyone working in a group with the chef. We only take small groups of people, so that everyone can get truly involved.

You have the chance to meet new people, make new friends and learn a few culinary secrets from Stella, the most trusted gastronomic specialist on the island, ready to introduce you to authentic Greek recipes.

The philosophy of Greek food is ‘simple but tasty’ and the recipes you will learn are the ones you can bring home and recreate in your own kitchen with ingredients that can be found all over the world. Participants cook and enjoy dishes prepared only with fresh, organic and natural ingredients.

A complete meal that includes appetisers, vegetable or meat dishes and desserts, is prepared on a daily basis. We are happy to welcome you in the family, food lovers, lovers of Greece, lovers of Greek food, foodies, travellers! Join us for a real Greek experience with delicious, authentic, organic food.»

Source: Margarita Studios

The jury selected this website for being well-structured and promoting beautifully the gastronomy of Hauts-de-France, as well as its European Region of Gastronomy 2023 title. The visual material gives a great first impression and the movie made the jury hungry to know more.


«Our European Region of Gastronomy website references all the labelled actors, ambassadors and events. It also propose an annual agenda of all the gastronomic events of the Hauts-de-France region for 2023. It introduces the our consortium, the historic of the IGCAT/Hauts-de-France region cooperation, have links to all the producers of the region, recipes and all the information needed for foodie travellers, in French and English.»

Source: Hauts-de-France, European Region of Gastronomy 2023

The jury found that this site showcases some really lovely food experiences as well as restaurants across the island. The images are of high quality and attractive. The structure using a photo, name of experience and call for action to book works very well, as do the descriptions and booking online options. The jury also complimented the website for offering educational, inclusive, and family-friendly experiences linked to the regional territory, promoting local producers and products.


«With the Cómete Menorca gastronomic experiences you will intensely enjoy cooking and everything that surrounds it. Discover the authentic Menorcan cuisine with the best chefs and in the best restaurants on the island; Learn about their recipes, their history, their traditions, their products through Cookery Courses and gastronomic demonstrations (cooking Lobster, seeing the gastronomic applications of Cheese, or with a Mayonnaise Sauce workshop), visiting various farms on a Gourmet Tour, doing a trip to the Menorcan cuisine of the 18th century, knowing the entire gastronomic process with the experience From the land and the sea to the table

Source: Cómete Menorca

The jury acknowledged that this site offers some really lovely family and child-friendly food/rural experiences. The images are attractive and of high-quality. The structure works very well and the content comes across as genuine and sincere projecting people, producers and passion. The jury appreciated the educational value of many of the activities and the promotion of local producers and products. The jury felt the information to be very complete, including the producer, products, and offer of km0 products, as well as other sustainability information.


«For Sa Cooperativa del Camp de Menorca, our website is a way to publicise our DNA and the social, business and personal commitment we have with our producer partner in the primary sector and our environment. We offer more than 500 references of local products that we offer to our customers, both individuals and professionals in the HORECA channel, for whom we have a perfectly adapted commercial division.

From our website we also give access to our physical stores, which are a necessary platform to be able to reach the final consumer with guarantees. And we also have a line from our market place that sends us to our consumer’s home with fresh and excellent quality products.

At Sa Cooperativa del Camp we work to favor the intermediation and distribution management of the small producer who produces with high quality but has difficulties in undertaking all viability and selling his product.

To close the circle and return all the prominence to the producers, five years ago we began a program of guided tours, gastronomic experiences, workshops and rural laboratories to publicize the product from its origin, such as the production processes and give visibility to the people who do it. On our website there are more than 20 different proposals, including visits, tastings and other experiences, which allow us to reach a wide audience.»

Source: Sa Cooperativa del Camp de Menorca

The jury complimented this website for highlighting authenticity, sustainability, proximity and diversity of the Catalan territory, as well as for promoting and supporting micro-businesses. The website has a good design, is easily navigated, has great photos and a clear regional map. The search functions to find experiences according to activity, price and location is exceptional.


«Experience Catalunya is the official tourist experiences store of the Government of Catalonia where the visitors can be inspired and planed their breaks in Catalonia. They can discover unique activities with the family, friends, partners or alone from the sea to the mountain, enjoying the gastronomy experiences, cultural activities, hiking, nature activities, wine tourism, etc. and they can book it in one click.»

Source: Experience Catalunya

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