Roberta Garibaldi_2023

Prof. Roberta Garibaldi

Professor of Tourism Management and Marketing – University of Bergamo, Italy)
President – Italian Association on Gastronomy Tourism

Roberta Garibaldi is professor of Tourism Management and Marketing at the University of Bergamo (Italy). She conducts training, consulting and research activities to promote destinations and enhance gastronomy and cultural tourism. She is responsible for many applied projects at the international level and has worked for Ministries of Tourism and international agencies, including the World Tourism Organization and FAO.

She is an IGCAT Expert (International Institute of Gastronomy Culture, Arts and Tourism) and coordinated the European Region of Gastronomy project in East Lombardy in 2017.

She was the CEO of the Italian National Tourism Board-ENIT during the Draghi government and Vice President of the OECD-Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Tourism Committee.

She is a keynote speaker at major worldwide conferences on tourism and  holds numerous roles at the national and international levels, including President of the Italian Association on Gastronomy Tourism. She is the author of numerous scientific publications in international and national journals and books, including the Report on Gastronomy Tourism in Italy.



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