Jorge Bernárdez

Jorge Bernárdez has more than 20 years of work experience in the cultural and artistic management field, out of which ten years as executive director. He has work experience in Barcelona, Paris, and The Canary Islands. His experience includes being president of the Association of Professional Cultural Managers of Catalonia and the Spanish Federation of Associations of Cultural Managers . Mr. Bernárdez holds a degree in Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and an MBA from Pompeu Fabra University. Regarding his background in culture, Jorge has a Master degree in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona, and specialised studies in Cultural Marketing (HEC-Montreal), Music management and Arts audiences (City University, London).

He worked on the Strategic plan Paisaje de la Gastronomía (Gastronomic Landscape) of Poble Espanyol 2010-2012, promoting gastronomy as a strategic asset in this cultural attraction of Barcelona. The project included a new theme area (based on the Km0 concept), Gastropop festivals (based on food & drinks quality labels), and Gourmet activities (targeting professionals and deep gastronomy lovers).

Jorge is a professor in the business and arts and tourism management fields, being his last experiences at EU Business School and in the International University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain). He is continuously invited to give lectures and speeches linked with artistic and cultural management, tourism, food and gastronomic networks. He possesses tremendous knowledge of the main fairs and professional meetings in the field, as Alimentaria, San Sebastián Gastronomika Week, Madrid Fusion, and Gastronomic Forum.

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