World Region of Gastronomy

World Regions of Gastronomy Platform

The World Regions of Gastronomy Platform is open to regions that declare a moral obligation to ensure improved food quality and support for local cultures/traditions and that are ready to capitalise on the growing convergence of food, culture, and tourism sectors and exciting transformations happening at a local level that could support regional development.

The World Regions of Gastronomy Platform is an initiative to nurture transfer of knowledge as well as to support collaborations that give wider visibility to efforts in member regions.

IGCAT firmly believes that regional development needs public, private, third sector, and knowledge institutions to work together. Therefore, in order to join the Platform, regions must adopt IGCAT’s service-learning model that requires the region to first convene a regional stakeholder group of public, private, third sector, and knowledge institutions. This principle is represented by the four prongs of the fork in the Regions of Gastronomy logo!

IGCAT was created to ensure cross-sectorial dialogue and, therefore, stakeholders are required to come from cultural, gastronomy, arts, and tourism sectors as a minimum – increasingly our regions are also collaborating with agriculture, health, business, and education sectors.

By instigating regular meetings of a wide variety of regional stakeholders, the region’s challenges can be addressed through actions that support capacity-building at a local level. This approach has been enormously successful already. Furthermore, by developing a regional stakeholder group, the region has the potential to attract both public and private sector funding and sponsorship, as well as to engage citizens in new and interesting ways.

We also know from experience that a great deal can be accomplished by learning from other regions facing similar challenges. Through the regional stakeholder groups, IGCAT is able to identify the appropriate partners in each region for different project initiatives in tourism, hospitality, gastronomy, and agriculture. By making multiple connections throughout the regions that have joined the World Regions of Gastronomy Platform, knowledge-exchange is increased.

The World Regions of Gastronomy Platform fosters the development of strategies designed to increase the regions’ visibility both locally and internationally.


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