The EUHeritage TOUR is entering the real!

After 8 months of intense, collaborative, engaging work, the Consortium partners achieved a lot of relevant milestones in the roadmap, and lots of events and releases are about to be delivered in the next forthcoming days. The networking activities undertaken by all Consortium partners brought to a consistent broadening of the EUheritageTOUR network. Relevant partners entered the Consortium as Associated Partners in the last months as well the project engaged with similar projects in the field of tourism and heritage. To bridge the gap in the geographical coverage, thus offering to the young visitors a fluid path across the World Heritage sizes in Europe, Spain was included according to the membership of the Catalan Agency of Tourism, Balears.t, Valencia Tourism Agency, the Institute for Gastronomy, Arts, Culture and Tourism thus representing a crucial gateway to Portugal, France and Italy. France entered recently thanks to the membership of the Association des bien français du patrimoine mondial, Mission Val de Loire, facilitating the link with Belgium destinations, while UK is well covered by the presence of the National Trust… READ MORE

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