Lina Al-Khaled

Lina Al-Khaled

Tourism Expert

Born into a hybrid Russian Jordanian family, and having lived and studied in several countries, Lina appreciates cultural diversity, art, gastronomy and everything unique. She is a passionate, multilingual, tourism professional, advisor, trainer, and scholar with over 20 years of working experience in the tourism sector in Jordan, with private and public sectors, donor organizations and NGOs.

Lina held the position of Executive Director at the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA) between 2015-2019 and is currently leading the MEDUSA project –  an EU CBC MED-funded project focusing on developing sustainable adventure tourism in 5 Mediterranean countries. Lina also serves as advisor to another ENI CBC MED project in Jordan focusing on Slow Tourism Promotion – Med Pearls.

Lina is a scholar at the Jordan Strategy Forum, for which she regularly produces tourism related publications. She supports strategy level interventions with the Jordan Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and supports other sector entities in tourism promotion, strategic planning and development. Through her tourism development work she was engaged in the Jordanian cities of Aqaba, As-Salt and Madaba, and she strongly believes that each of them presents a unique and potential gastronomic region of Jordan.

Lina believes in the importance of promoting and adopting sustainable practices on all levels. She is GSTC certified and is currently preparing to work as coach with Travelife. She is also engaged in the promotion of sports and environmental protection, and as such serves voluntarily on the board of the Jordan Fencing Federation, supporting the games’ development in Jordan, and plays a leading role in a cross tourism and environmental initiative called “Himmeh w Lammeh”, working for a cleaner Jordan.

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