Street food in Thailand gets fancy facelift at food festival

After Thailand took the 21st spot in the recent Best Countries ranking, officials have focused on what Thailand knows best – street food. The Thailand Stylish Street Food Makeover Festival 2016, sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, will transform the Central World shopping mall into a paradise for gastronomists by collaborating with local pop-up food joints such as Lab Ramen Burger, Meegin Again, and Aitima, to name just a few. The event aims to cement Thailand’s reputation as an internationally known destination for street food by holding a design contest for innovative street food carts, and a contest to improve simple street food. The festival will display 20 selected projects. Social media also plays its part in “Shoot and Share,” where guests can snap a picture of their food and upload to social media for a chance to win amazing prizes. The Thailand Stylish Street Food Makeover Festival takes place Feb. 26-28 at Central World.


Thailand Stylish Street Food Makeover Festival 2016 (Free Entrance)

Feb. 26-28

Central World

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