‘See Ghana’ Supports Domestic Tourism

Since news broke of the Ebola outbreak, tourism figures to the African sub-region have slammed considerably, forcing a re-look at the sector by many governments.
In response, Ghana’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts has initiated an ‘Explore Ghana’ drive, with the sector’s minister making fervent efforts amid her busy schedule to visit and bring the spotlight on many of the country’s attractions. Her most recent visit was a very insightful excursion to the Northern Region. Similarly, a private sector initiative by a marketing consortium made up of destination management firm Bentsifi, Viasat1 television and Joy FM radio, dubbed Tourism Marketing Alliance, Ghana, has since March sustained a profile-raising initiative, aimed at encouraging Accra’s residents to visit the various regional, cultural and historic attraction sites across the country, and patronise hospitality establishments in an effort to drive up domestic tourism.

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