Peruvian – Gastronomy should overcome barriers to expansion

Gastronomic experts announced, at the 1st International Gastronomy Congress held by the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (Apega), that Peruvian cuisine needs to overcome barriers to become a culinary role model for the world and an engine of economic development in the country. Mariano Valderrama manager of Apega stated “Two thirds of businesses operating in the country do not have personnel with qualified experiences in gastronomy, gastronomic management and restaurant services; there aren´t public training centres for cooks or waiters either, in contrast with Colombia and Costa Rica.”

Fernando Villaran, Engineering and Management School Dean at Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montaña also noted that the State should take the lead in the culture field and promote the use of technology and innovation to boost Peruvian gastronomy. He also explained “gastronomy involves a lot of innovation, a growing entrepreneurial spirit, human resources and a cultural foundation that may allow Peru to secure a leadership position”

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