NEMOS: An ambitious and transformative project

An educational innovation project, NEMOS encourages the adoption of service-learning as a green pedagogy to integrate sustainability in the higher education curricula. With the aim to include a social element in the students’ learning path, NEMOS introduces service-learning as an experiential methodology by which students get in direct contact with social agents such as micro-enterprises, NGO’s and other stakeholders, and understand their challenges.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, the NEMOS project is led by the Public University of Navarra and includes the following consortium partners: Technological University Dublin (Ireland); Technological University Graz (Austria); Rhône-Alpes Higher Institute of Agriculture (France); University of Pisa (Italy); and IGCAT.

In 2023, the partners have organised or participated in national and international initiatives to give visibility and raise awareness about the NEMOS project and its aims among a wider public. The latest ones include:

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