Encouraging entrepreneurs to think outside the box and across sectors

On June 1 2016, Dr. Lidia Varbanova outlined the importance of creativity, innovation and the ability to go beyond borders for entrepreneurship in the arts, cultural and food sectors. The meeting took place with IGCAT educators interested to learn what is needed to provoke and support entrepreneurship.  Varbanova applauded IGCAT’s work in training operators and entrepreneurs to think outside the box and work across sectors. She agrees with IGCAT that the most interesting ideas come about when there is a convergence in sectors. The interdisciplinary approach to IGCAT’s projects and training modules is what makes its work unique.

Varbanova’s forthcoming book, International Entrepreneurship in the Arts, outlines a theoretical framework on how to start up, manage and eventually expand creative enterprises with a special emphasis on international business, policy and strategy, and the cross-cultural aspects of these issues.

The book also presents 23 case studies and 54 short examples featuring disciplines from fine arts and photography to music, theatre and contemporary dance and, covers ventures in over 20 countries to provide students and practitioners with practical insight into the issues and challenges facing real arts organisations.

Dr. Lidia Varbanova has over 20 years of professional experience as a consultant, lecturer and researcher in more than 50 countries. She has provided consultancy and research services for government authorities, foundations, organizations, businesses, associations and networks in Canada and abroad.