Is there future for Creative Industry in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s previous over-reliance on exports has proven detrimental for the economy in the past. Now, the country is diversifying its economy by investing in creative industries to support and maintain its growth. Creative industry covers various economic activities which seek to generate or exploit information and knowledge. It is a broad term which includes cultural activities and artistic production including advertising, visual and performing arts, and architecture. Both developed and developing countries have adopted the concept and built industries that utilize skill, talent, and creativity in order to create jobs and wealth through intellectual property exploitation. Indonesia, with its rich cultural diversity, has a strong foundation to kick start its creative industries. In 2011, the output of this industry generated 7% of the country’s GDP. There are 14 sectors that comprise the pillars of the industries, including film, fashion, music production, publishing, architecture, arts and antique markets, cuisine and culinary designs, software development, and interactive gaming… READ MORE

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