Interview of Greg KEEFFE: Why Urban Food Production Makes Sense and How to Make it Happen

” The interesting thing about food and the city is that obviously there is no chance that a city could ever feed itself. To feed London, one needs about 140 x the area of London. So food is always going to be a global issue. Therefore, it is obviously different from those other areas. For example, in terms of energy, one probably only needs something about 30 x the area of a city at the moment to produce enough energy. As a result, food seems to be the bigger problem. To put that in perspective, a study estimates that energy and transport only make up 10% and 5% of the ecological footprint of Londoners. The lion’s share comes from materials & waste (44%) and food consumption (41%). Think about it, 2/5 of the average Londoner’s impact on the environment comes from what we eat! Not surprisingly, the biggest hitter here is our meat consumption, and the diet of our four legged friends in form of pet food”  …READ MORE

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