IGCAT leads a course on Event Planning and Management

Dr. Diane Dodd, director of IGCAT will lead a course for the Master in Hospitality Management at EUHT (Escuela Universitaria de Hotelería y Turismo), in Sant Pol de Mar. The course will focus on event planning and management and it will include guest lecturers such as Clara MelluishCaroline Couret and Ramon Sentmarti. The course will aim to open students’ minds and provide them with a ideas to spark imagination and creativity, in order for them to successfully develop and manage a cultural/food event.

Many potentially exciting cultural/food events or projects are left abandoned, or fail to be develop to their full potential because a proper project plan has not been developed to give base and coherence to the idea.  In order to guarantee the successful production of a creative event, one has to know how to manage all aspects of the project: financial, technical, logistical, human resources, marketing, communication etc.

For information about the course visit: http://www.santpol.edu.es/en/

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