I Love Portuguese Food Edition

Nelson Carvalheiro, a travel and food blogger, dedicates his latest newsletter to Summer Portugal Food. As an Ambassador to the Blogging Community for  APTECE – The Portuguese Food Travel Association, he shares the Portugal Food and Travel Stories project. In addition, he offers a 16 day all inclusive Food Tour of Portugal, where you will have the chance to eat charcoal grilled sardines by the seaside, experience seafood that actually tastes like the sea and have a Foodgasm when you taste Portuguese Black Pork cured ham. All you have to do is to follow this Food Tour of Portugal link and register to enter. Inside the newsletter and blog you can also find out about  Tavira, a quaint little village in the south of Portugal, and also learn to do his  Portuguese Piri Piri Oil Recipe that will keep the heat burning in your kitchen and gives an extra fiery and flavoury kick to your food… READ MORE