From Costa Rica to Modica for post-graduate internship at the Consortium of Chocolate of Modica

The first internship – IILA-MAECI/DGCS 2022-2023 scholarship promoted by the Italian-Latin American International Organization (IILA), with funding from the General Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs, takes place in Modica and Italian International Cooperation (DGCS/MAECI) which every year grants scholarships to citizens of the Latin American countries that are members of the IILA, ​​who wish to carry out post-university specialization and/or refresher internships.

The internship, lasting four months, is carried out by Dr. Paola De Los Ángeles Quesada Arguedas, a student of the National University of Costa Rica who is carrying out a research project, whose coordinator is Prof. Carlos Eduardo Hernandez, with the aim of demonstrating the relevance of possible geographical indications of Mesoamerican cocoa in the European artisanal chocolate market. In particular, she aims to systematize the evidence on the role of artisan chocolatiers and the relevance of GIs in the context of the bean-to-bar trend that could further position Mesoamerican cocoas in Europe.

“The Chocolate Way,” states President Nino Scivoletto, “expresses its satisfaction in being able to host Dr. Quesada, and makes available, through the Consortium for the Protection of Modica PGI Chocolate, a member of the Association, the experience of the PGI certification of chocolate from Modica, so that we can also work towards obtaining an IGP/DOP certification of one or more cocoa production districts in Costa Rica. This internship,” continues Scivoletto, “could translate into a real cooperation initiative between Italy and Costa Rica, on the one hand, and between TCW, the National University of Costa Rica and the IILA on the other, concretizing in practice the objectives set out in the Agreement of Collaboration signed by me in 2021 with the General Secretary of the IILA, ​​Antonella Cavallari.

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