Foodies are Freaking Out Over These Tiny Cooking Videos

People on the Internet tend to freak out about all things cute and tiny, from babies to animals to babies who are friends with animals. But now, there’s a new addition to this genre: videos of people making tiny edible food creations on YouTube. We’ve just discovered this trend of making tiny meals using miniature collectible pots and pans as cooking utensils, as YouTuber RRcherrypie Group demonstrates above. The trend started in Japan, but recently it started catching on with viewers worldwide, with some of these videos racking up hundreds of thousands of views. So why do so many people find the idea of pinky-sized cuisine appealing? For starters, most of these “recipes” use real-life ingredients, cooked with a small candle or canned heat. The fact that you can actually eat some of these bite-sized creations makes them a lot cooler than if someone had whipped them up using inedible plastic toys …READ MORE