Orazio Bellettini

Orazio Bellettini Cedeño

Social entrepreneur, Co-founder and Executive Director of FUEGOS

Orazio is a social entrepreneur with experience promoting multi-sectoral sustainable development processes and incorporated as IGCAT Expert (International Institute of Gastronomy Culture, Arts and Tourism) in 2023. He graduated from the Escuela Agrícola Panamericana, Honduras with an Engineering degree in Agricultural Economy, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador-PUCE with Master Degrees in Political Science and Business Administration as well as from the Harvard Kennedy School with a Master in Public Administration and Public Policy.

Orazio has advised international agencies, civil society organisations and governments in México, Guatemala, Perú, Spain and Paraguay in issues related to the role of knowledge in the policy process, education, social change and transition to more sustainable agro-food systems. Orazio was awarded as an Ashoka and Avina Fellow in 2008 and Rockefeller Foundation Fellow in 2013.

In 2017, Orazio co-founded FUEGOS a civil society organisation that seeks to make food a catalyser of social transformation of Manabí, Ecuador and Latin America.


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