François Dhalluin – France

François Dhalluin

Project manager within the Tourism Engineering and Attractiveness Mission – Region of Hauts-de-France

François Dhalluin has been in charge of developing gastronomic tourism at the Hauts-de-France Regional Council since March 2018. He holds a Master’s degree in territorial marketing and attractiveness. The author of a dissertation on the role of chefs and the culinary experience in the appeal of regions, François managed the Hauts-de-France’s application for the European Region of Gastronomy label and has since been responsible for coordinating the project. He has been incorporated as an IGCAT Expert (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism) in 2023.

The creator and driving force behind the Saveurs en’OR regional brand promoting regional products, François has been a fervent defender of his region’s products for many years.

Within the Hauts-de-France Regional Council, he is also responsible for the project to create a tourist and cultural facility based around beer.