Caius Ovidiu Merșa

Caius Ovidiu Merșa

Researcher – Research Center for Cultural Anthropology (RHeA), West University of Timișoara

An IGCAT Expert (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism) since 2023, Caius Ovidiu Merșa is an artist, a cook, and a thinker. During his professional career he has developed some innovative concepts in the food service sector such as the Suppa Bar, the first soup bar in Romania, that he opened in 2014 and where he works as managing partner, brand creator, menu developer, HR and Digital Media manager; Klapka (2018-2020); Café Spinoza (2017-2020); and D’arc club (2002-2016), the first to receive an award for Urban Rehabilitation from the Romanian Union of Architects in 2005. Besides that, Caius is a Board Member of HORETIM (Timișoara based Horeca Association) and Board Member of Timișoara Food Highschool (representing Horeca).

Very active in the academic field, Caius is currently undertaking a PhD in Culinary Anthropology at the Philology College, West University of Timișoara, where he is also a researcher at the Research Center of Heritage and Anthropology (RheA). As part of his PhD he is developing the Culinaria Banatica project that aims to support and highlight the food uniqueness of Banat region, under the umbrella of Timișoara- European Capital of Culture 2023.

Caius studied at the Arts and Design College, West University of Timișoara, where he concluded a PhD in Visual and Performing Arts, an MA in Art History, Criticism and Conservation, as well as an MA and BA in Photography. He is also a Member of the Romanian National Artists Union (U.A.P.).

Due to a life-changing medical problem he suffered in 2016, Caius started his patient career to support other patients with heart conditions. He is a Board Member of the Romanian Heart Foundation, a member of the Patient Working Group in the European Heart Network, and a member of the Patient Forum in the European Society of Cardiology, where he works as a consultant.

Currently, he is developing a personal medical project called iKaardia, the first Romanian Medtech idea that got access to the Patient Innovation Bootcamp within the European Commission’s EIT Health project. The startup will be operating in the field of healthcare focusing especially on cardiovascular diseases.


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