D.Paul Schafer publishes: The Secrets of Culture

D. Paul Schafer, an IGCAT expert, has recently published The Secrets of Culture. He presents us with a deeply personal and extensively researched perspective on culture and what a cultural age would look, feel, smell, taste, and sound like. In doing so, he challenges us to liberate our sensibilities and embrace the change that is necessary – change that we know is destined, yet, for the most part, we struggle with this from the comfort and security of the known.

The inclusive nature of how Schafer presents culture resonates as much with our future entry into a cultural age as it does with our past and the synergies and insights that Indigenous peoples share in how they live and breath in unison with the natural environment and maintain a spirituality that defines and enriches themselves, their families, and indeed our planet.

In embracing the differences Schafer proposes, we connect with an essential humanity that gives courage and determination to our struggle to create a legacy for generations to come – a better world and a better way of living. Schafer introduces and presents a scope of experiences, ideas, options, and opportunities that, if considered in totality and acted upon, can and indeed will impact on the sustainability and well-being of all people and our mother the earth.

Schafer has a masterful depth to his experiences and knowledge as a former economist, educator, social commentator, cultural raconteur, and visionary. The Secrets of Culture maps a journey – a very personal journey that we all can share.

IGCAT has reviewd his book on Amazon.