Carlos V European Award granted to the cultural routes programme of the council of Europe

This morning, the Royal Monastery of Yuste hosted the award ceremony for the Thirteenth European Carlos V Award awarded by the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation, which for the first time is awarded to an initiative, the Cultural Itineraries of the Council of Europe. In his speech, His Majesty King Felipe VI highlighted the need to work collectively to tackle global challenges with a Europe that is more united, stronger and more effective in meeting the expectations of its citizens.

Among the challenges that Europe has to face, Felipe VI has pointed out climate change, sustainability of the planet, massive migrations or the results of the technological and digital revolution and has shown himself confident that the EU, with tools such as Agenda 2030 or the SGD, has appropriate tools to address them.

“Cultural itineraries are an opportunity to focus on almost unpopulated areas becoming a commitment to sustainable development and a boost for economic growth and tourism in such areas, in addition to an example of transnational cooperation” said Felipe VI.

The King has defined this initiative, in his opinion, as an example of cooperation between individuals, peoples, countries, continents where the identity of European values and heritage are reflected.

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