Brescia Medieval Castle

Brescia city guide

Brescia is a hidden gem of a city, tucked at the foot of the Alps in northern Italy. There’s a lot going on here, with a miniature La Scala-type theatre, lots of culture, art and shopping. Most famously, Brescia has four sensational historic squares within a few minutes’ walk of each other: a Roman Square, Medieval Square, Renaissance Square and “Modern” Square. The city is also easy to reach – fly into Milan and the 45-minute onward train journey costs from €7.30. 

What to do

Check out the squares

The magnificent Roman Square (Piazza del Foro), with its 1st century BC temple and Roman theatre, is a good place to start when exploring the city. This Unesco World Heritage Site was buried under a landslide and only re-discovered in 1823, when a splendid bronze statue of Winged Victory was also found. Nowadays you can hire cool 3D glasses to get a real sensation of how this busy Forum looked in its heyday. 

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