Avaaz – “EU: Help stop our meat addiction” sign petition campaign

According to Avaaz, the meat and dairy industries create more greenhouse gases than all the cars, planes, and ships on the entire planet combined. In the wake of this, Avaaz has started a sign petition campaign where the main message (addressed to the European Commission and the EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan) is  “As citizens concerned about climate change, we ask you to include the reduction of animal-based consumption as one of the key points of the Common Agricultural Policy and implement it accordingly. Europe can lead the way in growing its plant-based food industry and creating a more sustainable food future for all of us.”

Europe has long given factory farming massive subsidies to prop up the industry, and even lobbies its citizens to eat more meat. But now it’s finally updating its agricultural policy and asking for public comments.  The public consultation closes in days — once Avaaz reach a million signatures, they will submit an official request to EU and organise a major stunt to get this all over the new.

For further information please visit Avaaz official website

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