Aarhus revolution focuses on fresh, wild and sustainable

Aarhus is a culinary powerhouse in the making. Hailed as a simmering pot in the vast Nordic food revolution’s kitchen, Aarhus will be the European Region of Gastronomy 2017. And at the heart are around 10 young chefs, all learning from each other and carving a new food landscape, which will no doubt influence commercial buyers and consumer buying patterns worldwide for years to come.

Aarhus is an ideal combination for anyone who wants to create natural, environment-aware dishes that could be classed as a real art form. This fusion of sea, forest and farmland was put most aptly by the first chef to obtain and maintain a Michelin star in Aarhus, Wassim Hallal: “As chefs, we are in the perfect situation here – we are right next to the sea, amongst forests and are a short drive from the main growing and producing area, Jutland. Everything is at our fingertips to create food that reflects and sustains our wonderful environment.”

Young chefs now stay in the area rather than living at home, says Hallal, which is probably a direct result of him refusing to move to Copenhagen from the place he grew up himself to further his chef’s skills. Now, restaurants and artisan cafes, delis and farm shops are popping up at a fast rate, as consumers become more and more anti-establishment about their food.

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