A Step Towards Sustainability

The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW), the largest gathering on sustainability in the history of the Middle East, starts today. The goal of this event is to bring experts and visitors from more than 170 countries to discuss important problems related to sustainable development, water security and renewable energy. For a week, many world leaders, non-government organisations and private investors will share experiences and strengthen cooperation.

Abu Dhabi will receive high profile like the sixth meeting of the International Renewable Energy Agency and the World Future Energy Summit. Also, The Zayed Future Energy Prize organise will announce the winners to recognise their innovations contributions.

These types of events are significant platforms for international dialogue and cooperation and also they contributes to the global discourse regarding global warming and climate change. We hope we will have good news by the end of the week.

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For further information about The Abu Dhabi Sustainability week visit: abudhabisustainabilityweek.com

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