Cultural Development and Policies for Cultural Cooperation

IGCAT’s Director gave two sessions to international students of cultural management at the University of Barcelona on Thursday 15 January 2015. The subjects covered by Dr. Diane Dodd included Cultural Development and Policies for cultural cooperation in, between and beyond the EU.  The sesions aimed to highlight needs and challenges for the cultural sector in cross-border cultural collaborations – as well as highlight the work of intergovernmental bodies in cultural cooperation and cultural development. The students came from a range of countries and backgrounds, offering a diversity of perspectives. They enthusiastically embraced the concept of international cultural cooperation, recognising the specific opportunities that being in such an international group represents for them.

The Master, which is directed by Dr. Jordi Tresserras Juan, began in 1989 however, after the completion of the 2007-2009 course, the on-site Master of Cultural Management became the Master of Cultural Institutions and Companies Management. The first year begins with three introductory modules with the objective to give all the students the fundamental information and knowledge of the cultural sector. The second part of the curriculum first deals with the conceptuality of the subject and it focuses on the economic and legal framework and on the analysis of the territorial intervention in culture. In the following two sections, the strategic analysis of cultural management is introduced from a marketing perspective as well as an administrative one and specific aspects of management begin to be developed.  During the second year, the program combines the specialization (choosing from three possible specializing paths), the employment of new models of management, and the analysis of projects and the tools of use in cultural management. The program is completed with the elaboration of a project in cultural management or in certain cases, with a research work. For more information visit: