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Sandra Bergsnev

CEO – Smaker fra Øyriket
Project and marketing manager – DalPro Utvikling

Sandra Bergsnev is the CEO of Smaker fra Øyriket, and Project and Marketing Manager at DalPro Utvikling. The Smaker fra Øyriket network was established as a company in 2021 and Sandra had a key role in leading this project. It is a corporate collaboration of local food producers from the islands Hitra and Frøya (Norway) with roots in agriculture, the seafood industry, and the production of beverages. The network consists of enthusiastic and cooperative companies that share expertise and experience, and which complement each other in several ways.

An IGCAT Expert (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism) since 2023, Sandra was the project leader for The Salmon Region during Trondheim-Trøndelag, European Region of Gastronomy title year in 2022. The different parts of Trøndelag had their own projects during the year and the Salmon region consists of 10 different municipalities.

Trough DalPro Sandra has been leading and designed several projects and has a broad experience with project connected to adult education, digital skills, local food, networking, international partnerships, and tourism. DalPro is a work inclusion company and has many different productions where people can get work training and support to be a part of the normal work life. One of the productions is DalPro Gårdsmat which produces products from deer and wild sheep.

Education: graphic designer


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