Dr. Ilie Rotariu – Romania

Dr. Ilie Rotariu

Professor – Lucian Blaga, University of Sibiu
Senate’s Secretary and Doctor in Economics

Dr. Ilie Rotariu worked as a guide during the early seventeens, and continued, as a graduate of foreign trade faculty, managing the restaurants and hotels department of Tourism Office in Timisoara, the travel agency of Sibiu.
Later on he has been manager of planning, marketing, management and human relations departments of Sibiu Tourism Office. He worked closely with the Romanian Association of Chefs, supervising the recruiting and training of young students for cookery and their development in gastronomy.

Dr. Rotariu is author of “Globalization in Tourism – Romania’s case” and attended over 60 international meetings and conferences in the economic fields, mainly in tourism, foregrounding various contributions according to the topic of the event. He is member of ATLAS, WLA, SKAL, IFEA, CNADTCU, ARACIS, IREG.

His research interests are in tourism and communication and he developed the thesis of “tourism as a mass media”.
In the last years he has started to study local possible solutions for the global water and food crises, and to work on dissemination for using gastronomy as a tool to increase local cohesion and pride.