Le Minh Tuan – Vietnam

Le Minh Tuan

Lecturer – School of Hospitality and Tourism, HUE University, Vietnam

He was recruited to the HUE University as a lecturer in Tourism Marketing and Sustainable development since 2009 after finishing a Bachelor in Business Administration with outstanding study results.

From 2010 to 2014, He was the Secretary of the University’s Youth Union – the leading organization that organizes and manages all activities for all students and young lecturers of the University.
In 2014, after four years of teaching and involvement in different tourism projects, he got a NFP full-time scholarship (Netherlands Fellowship Programmes) from the Dutch government for a two-year Master program at Wageningen University, the Netherlands.
In 2016, after finishing his Master thesis about Pro-poor Tourism, he graduated with a title of MSc in Leisure, Tourism and Environment. Then, he came back Vietnam and continued teaching and researching for Event Management and Marketing Division, School of Hospitality & Tourism, HUE University (HAT-HU), Vietnam.

His study and research fields are: economics, marketing and tourism, especially focusing on sustainable development.