Cristina Calheiros

Environmental Engineer – CIIMAR

Cristina Calheiros is Environmental Engineer and holds a PhD in Biotechnology. Currently she is a Research scientist at CIIMAR – Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research of the University of Porto and is Invited Professor at University of Saint Joseph-Macao-China in the Master of Environmental Sciences and Management. She thrives her work based on strong collaboration with several institutions from municipalities, universities, companies and associations. She develops an active role in Science-Technology-Society communication through dissemination in short courses, outreach actions, exhibitions and multimedia channels.

In past has also collaborated with Centre of Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry, Universidade Católica Portuguesa-Faculty of Biotechnology and Aarhus University-Denmark on the subject of wastewater treatment and recycling with biological systems using wetlands applied to tourism facilities.

She has participated as team member and researcher in projects such: related to wastewater management, phytoremediation and treatment solutions, green roofs in urban areas, nature based solutions for cities towards climate change mitigation and adaptation, tourism and rural development and upgrading wastes from food production. She also is involved with projects related to education for sustainability and awareness learning.

Has received a number of distinguished awards and honors, among them: finalist team-Category of Rural Development of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award-Crédito Agricola-2018, first prize winner of BIP-Business Ignition Program-2017 (UP), finalist team at Ponte de Lima International garden festival 2016, First Prize BES Innovation Awards 2009–Biotechnology and Agroindustry.

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