Terra Madre Day 2017: serving solutions to tackle climate change

Each year on Slow Food’s anniversary, December 10, the global Slow Food network celebrates Terra Madre Day to promote local eating, agricultural biodiversity and sustainable food production.

This year’s Terra Madre Day called special attention to the Menu for Change campaign, which highlights the relationship between food and climate change: starting from food, we can and must make a difference. Slow Food supports and promotes solutions to mitigate the impact of food on the climate by working to protect biodiversity, encourage food and environmental education, and raise awareness everywhere.

Carlo Petrini, president and founder of Slow Food International, affirmed:“Every year, on December 10, we celebrate Terra Madre Day. There is no better occasion to join our campaign raising awareness to climate change. It’s a duty for all of us: starting with our individual behavior, especially with our food habits, we can make a difference to the devastating process provoked by greenhouse gases. Let’s start with our own daily menu, with our own local situations and celebrate our annual party in the right way.”

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