Jens Storli – Norway

Jens Storli

Expert in the Cultural and Food sectors

Jens Storli is an independent freelance consultant specializing in the cultural and food sectors. For many years, Jens has played a pivotal role in establishing the Trondheim/Trøndelag Region as a premier international food and gastronomic destination. His efforts have significantly raised the region’s profile through connections with international events and projects, including the Michelin Guide Nordic, Bocuse d’Or Europe, and the European Region of Gastronomy (with Trondheim/Trøndelag awarded in 2022). In addition to his contributions to the food sector, Jens has served for many years as an administrative leader and artistic director for various cultural and music festivals across Norway. Recently, Jens, in addition to becoming an IGCAT Expert, he has been involved in numerous business development initiatives and national and international projects focused on culture, regional development, the food industry, tourism, and gastronomy. Currently, he is working with the Norway Seafood Festival and other regional and international food projects.