Sicily officially awarded European Region of Gastronomy 2025

Sicily was officially awarded the title of European Region of Gastronomy 2025 by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism (IGCAT) in recognition of their sustainable approach to agriculture and strong commitment to protecting local species and supporting traditional food production.

The prestigious accolade was awarded by President of IGCAT, Diane Dodd PhD on 15 December 2023. A ceremony was organised at the Istituto di Incremento Ippico in Catania, in the presence of Councillor for Agriculture of Sicily Region, Luca Sammartino; Mayor of Catania, Enrico Trantino; and moderated by Luciano Ferraro, journalist from the national Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“We achieved this objective thanks to a thousand-year old tradition of high quality and the work done by the regional executive for the valorisation of our territory. Sicily has always been a crossroads of peoples and cultures and can boast a unique cuisine” affirmed Sammartino.

“The Sicilian government has decided to set up a large investment plan to enhance this priceless heritage and welcome visitors who will come to Sicily to taste our products, learn about our traditions and discover the incredible magic of our landscapes,” continued Sammartino, who announced that Sicily has allocated three million euros to develop the European Region of Gastronomy 2025 programme: one million for 2024 and two million for 2025. “I want to thank the entire team of the department who made this result possible,” he concluded.

Diane Dodd Phd praised the quality of products that make Sicily one of the most interesting gastronomic destinations. The jury was impressed by how the vision for Sicily, European Region of Gastronomy 2025 has been inspired and reinforced by a sustainable approach to agriculture, with a strong grounding in protected species and traditional food production that consider nature, culture, crafts and wellness of local citizens.

“In particular, the jury recognised numerous examples of good practices that other regions could learn from, as well as fantastic collaboration between the various consortiums in the Sicilian agricultural sector that could now be extended to other sectors” she concluded.

Finally, Enrico Trantino thanked Councillor Sammartino “for giving visibility to Sicilian products: this recognition highlights the ability of Sicily to work as a team.”

Sicily’s path to the title

After evaluating the bid book Sicily, Soul of Mediterranean Gastronomy, submitted on 31 January 2023, the jury visited the region (3-9 September 2023) to assess its readiness to host the title in 2025.

The jury met with more than 70 leading stakeholders and organisations in the region and agreed that the exceptional food, the variety and quality of local products, the farm to fork way of life, culture, arts, crafts and hospitality made Sicily’s application exceptional.

On this basis, they recommended the region for the title to the IGCAT Board, that officially approved Sicily to be awarded European Region of Gastronomy 2025.

Sicily, European Region of Gastronomy 2025 candidacy and programme have been created by a cross-sectoral consortium including stakeholders from the public, private, third and knowledge sectors: the Department of Agriculture of Sicily Region; the DOS Sicilia Consortium (Sicilian Designation of Origin); the Consortium for the protection of Sicilian DOC wines; the Modica Chocolate Consortium; and a representation of local hospitality management institutes.

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