Food Film Menu

Food Film Menu

IGCAT aims to raise awareness on food as cultural heritage and its vital role in encouraging and supporting local sustainable development in regions across the world.


10 AUGUST 2020

IGCAT and the European Region of Gastronomy Platform aim to raise awareness about the importance of cultural and food uniqueness as a step towards averting climate change. In doing so, we aim to highlight distinctive food cultures thus strengthening community well-being.

We have identified the important role of audio-visual for promoting sustainable practises, local food products, local food recipes and traditions related to regional gastronomy and therefore we hope to promote a Film competition that will:

  • Place a spotlight on Regions of Gastronomy;
  • Provide opportunities to promote local food and craft products internationally;
  • Encourage young film directors to become ambassadors for their regions.
  • Engage the public in interesting ways to stimulate pride and awareness.

So what is the Food Film Menu?

It is a collection of short films showcasing footage from awarded or candidate Regions of Gastronomy under the theme: Food Stories. From the projects submitted, a jury will select 7 videos one for each category to showcase and award (1) as Best Film Overall. The “Menu” will be published yearly on the website and on social media, highlighting each creative work and the culinary heritage story behind it.

The Food Film Menu 2020 is organised by IGCAT

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